This weekend package includes luxurious accommodations. Let us pamper you with a chauffeur, shopping, pedicures, complimentary makeovers and the finest in dining. REWIND AND BE DIVINE!

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Great for back to school shopping, birthdays or just creating special memories.


A wonderful way to celebrate your special day with friends. Whether you are the birthday girl or planning it for a friend, Let us spoil you with cake, champagne and birthday goodies along the way!

Business & More

This is a great service for team building and can be centered around any business event.

Edmonton’s Premiere Shopping Tour Company offering customized luxury shopping excursions now introduces…

About me ...

From my earliest memories, one of my principle preoccupations was to be well dressed. This was an ambitious goal for a young girl whose family had no money to spare, coupled with the fact that when you grow up in the country, there isn’t a clothing store, or a mall anywhere in sight!

My limited wardrobe consisted of inexpensive items, mainly from discount stores, and the “hand-me-downs” from my sister. This was supplemented with anything I could borrow from my best friend. The fact that my mother sewed was my saving grace.

My mother, Sophie, could take anything apart and create an outfit that would put designers to shame. We called them her “Rubies”. Thus my company name; “Sophies Rubies - shopping tours”. It just fits. She would take clothing passed down from her “glamorous” sister who lived in the big city, and dismantle it. Then she’d measure and snip, gather and trim, pin and hem, (you have to “hold your mouth just right” through all of this…) then iron her latest creations, and hang them up for inspection, as she went about her day. She would pause, and then frown, then move a pin, or tweak a button until it met with her high standards. The result was always top notch, and passed the difficult “coolness test” administered by me. The woman was amazing! Even friends who could afford the latest styles were envious of my one-of-a-kind wardrobe. I thought it was interesting that they wanted to borrow my stuff! So, all this brings me to the “what I can do for you” part.

I have discovered, and am still discovering, all the unique little boutiques and shops Edmonton has to offer, and there are many. These carry the most wonderful clothing of utmost quality. Also, in my shopping wisdom, I have come to know where the best bargains are to be found; where to find quality clothing at amazing prices. The thrill of finding the likes of a four-hundred dollar jacket for thirty nine dollars keeps me haunting these places.

I enjoy spreading the word, and sharing my secrets with family and friends, and over the years I have become the shopping expert, taking people out and about, as they look for specific items, or just to shop. I finally decided to turn my love of this into a business that I could share with everyone. It’s very satisfying to find just the right clothes for an occasion. It’s also fun to come across a set of heels that you probably could live without, (but WHY??) in the process.

Whether or not you have a specific look, or style, in mind, or you’d just like to search out some everyday deals, I can take you there.

With Sophie’s dream of finding just the right “Rubies”, and my flare for shopping and creating, it’s a win-win.

Please look me up. We’ll shop, and do lunch. It’ll be fun!


Defining Casual Elegance !!!

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